Book Review of A Pastor’s Heart

What a wonderful surprise!  I’m not going to make you wait until later in the post – I thoroughly enjoyed A Pastor’s Heart by Katharine Wool Parrish.

Reading Fiction Books

I have not read a fiction book in more years than I can count on my fingers.  Reading is a passion for me and has been since I was a very young girl.  However, during the past several years, finding free time to read has been almost non-existent.  When I did find time to read, it was never fiction.

A Pastors Heart Book Review

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A friend and I were having a discussion at church while waiting for the service to begin and she mentioned that her Mother had written a book.  Of course, I then mentioned to her that I am doing book reviews on my blog and asked if her Mother would be interested. 

Well, my friend immediately handed me her personal copy of the book to read.  I wasn’t expecting that, but it was a pleasant surprise. Let me assure you that I handled my friend’s personally autographed copy of the book her Mother wrote very carefully the entire time I had it. 

The book A Pastor’s Heart by Katharine Wool Parrish was my re-entry into the world of fiction.  If this is what reading fiction is like – I think I’m hooked (again)!

A Pastors Heart Book Review

A Good Experience

When my husband takes me fishing, he makes certain that the weather is going to be perfect – low winds, good tide, no storm in sight, etc., because he wants me to have a good experience.  I almost drowned when I was 8 years old, so my fear of water is real and well-founded .  He knows if I have a bad experience on the water, I am not going to want to go out fishing again anytime soon.

So it is with reading.  When you decide to read a different style of book, you want it to be a good experience.  It needs to meet your expectations to be worth your while. 

In the case of fiction, those criteria may be 1) very interesting and 2) enjoyable.  A “gotta read the next chapter” kind of book.

A Book Worth Reading

A Pastor’s Heart was the perfect book for my re-entry into fiction.  The book is fiction, as in the names of the characters were changed, but the stories are based on known facts about the author’s ancestors.  

Much of the author’s information for the basis of the stories came from a meticulously kept journal, in addition to the records of the churches where her family members served throughout the years.

The stories in this book cover a few generations.  The chapters are fairly short and the title of each chapter gives you a teeny tiny hint as to what might happen in the next chapter. 

This kept me reading and reading and reading.   I fell in love with characters along the way and the chapter titles kept me reading to see what was going to happen next with these dear people.

A Story of Faith and Devotion

The book,  A Pastor’s Heart, is a beautiful, well-written story of a family who lived in simpler times.  They were regular people, just like you and me.  They had a heart for God and lived lives that proved their devotion to God and to each other.  It is a tremendous story of faith and perseverance. 

The book includes a bonus of actual family pictures of the people you will meet within the pages.

A Pastor's Heart Book Review

Book Signing

I had the honor of attending a Book Signing by Mrs. Parrish just a couple of weeks ago. Above, my friend, her daughter Sarah, is pictured with her Mother.  I did return Sarah’s personal copy of the book to her, and I now have my very own copy of the book.

It was such a pleasure listening to the author share about her research for the book.  She glowed as she spoke about the writing of this book and the love that she has for her family.  She is a lovely lady and I am honored to review this book.

A Pastor’s Heart – Highly Recommend

If you are looking for a worthwhile fiction (yet based on real people’s live) book, I highly recommend A Pastor’s Heart by Katharine Wool Parrish.

My Reading Goals

As you may recall, one of my goals for this year, was to begin reading again.  My minimalistic goal was to read 12 books.  That’s just one book per month.  It should be doable.  Additionally, I committed to sharing my book reviews with you. 

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