Best Pens for Journaling
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Best Pens for Bible Journaling

As a fan of writing notes in my Bible, I have found that some pens and pencils work better than others. Others have asked me what are the best pens for Bible Journaling. I have found some that work very well and am hearing of others. As I find ones that work, they will be added to this list.

This is a great list of pens and highlighters for other types of Journaling as well. No one wants to have a pen or highlighter bleed through their paper.

Best Pens for Bible Journaling
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A friend told me a sad story recently. When her Dad passed, her Mother had given her his Bible. Although he read and studied his Bible regularly, he had never wanted to write in it. She was sad that he had not written in it because she really wanted to see his personal notes in the margins of the Bible. Although the Bible itself is a treasure for her, imagine how she would have treasured personal notes from times that the Lord spoke to him in there for her to read as well.

Does fear of making a mess keep you from writing in your Bible?

If making a mess, or dealing with ink bleed through is what keeps you from writing in your Bible, I hope this list proves liberating for you.

Along with simply taking notes in your Bible, it seems that Bible Journaling has become very popular. There are various methods for doing this which I won’t go into here, but the pens and pencils that work for notetaking in your Bible will also work for Bible Journaling.

Additionally, many Bible Study books, including the ones that we create, use fine paper. These writing instruments will work best on those types of notebooks or journals also.

Best Pens and Highlighters for Bible Journaling

Pilot Frixion Light Highlighters

Pilot Frixion Pens

Crayola Twistables (note that these are wax and on some paper they do eventually bleed through)

Mr. Pen

Micron 01 pen (I’ve been usually these for several years and really like them)

Sharpie S-Gel (say no bleed)

Midliner highlighter

Bible Highlighter

Best Pens for Journaling

Although we have checked these pens and highlighters and had success with them, we strongly recommend that you test each type in the book you are planning to write in. One of my favorite ways of doing this is to simply select a blank page (there’s usually one at the back) and write the name of the pen/highlighter there. Then look at the back side of the page. Did it bleed through? If not, you now have a record of which pen(s) you can confidently use in that book or Bible.

If you’ve found another pen, pencil or highlighter that you love and have had success with, please share it in the comments.

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