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Bible Verse Mapping made Simple

Bible Verse Mapping is a wonderful and simple way to study the Bible.  It is a great method to use in between other studies or when the Lord lays particular verses on your heart. 

I love Bible Verse Mapping because it can be done simply and does not require a lot of supplies.

Bible Verse mapping, Bible, Bible Study,

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How to Study the Bible

Do you love digging into God’s Word and finding nuggets that thrill your soul?  Just as the old time miners were excited to find nuggets of gold in their pans, it is wonderful to find nuggets during our Bible Study time. 

One of my favorite methods of Bible study is Bible Verse Mapping.

This method is very simple to do and I just love it for times when I want to study a few verses or a chapter in the Bible rather than a whole book of the Bible. 

You can use a notebook from home as I’ll describe below, or you can purchase simple inexpensive Bible Study Journals online.

I really like this Bible Verse Mapping Book and this very pretty Bible Verse Mapping Journal.

Friends have often asked me about this method so I thought I would share the Bible Verse Mapping method I use with you.


You will need three basic supplies:

  • Bible
  • Composition book
  • Colored pens (2-3 is fine)

I use the composition book landscape style with the wire binding at the top and I only write on the front side of the page. I like to use colored pens because I am very visual and this helps keep the different sections of each day’s study separated and easy to review.

You will also need some study tools:

  • A Study Bible is helpful, but not essential
  • Bible Concordance/Dictionary
  • Bible Commentary

I like having the books in my hands, but you can use online tools instead, such as the free ones at

You can study a chapter at a time, or several verses within a chapter.

Here are the steps I use:

  • Each day, begin with a prayer asking the Lord to reveal to you from His Word what He wants you to see.
  • Read the entire passage through and get ready to dig into the first verse.

Composition Book, Bible Study, Bible Verse Mapping,

Verse by Verse

  • Write out one verse a day (landscape style – near the top of the page, in the middle)
  • Explore – Look up related verses that were referenced in your Bible and write one or two of them on the right hand side of the paper and/or write something else you discovered that helps explain the verse a little better.
  • Define – Reread the verse and write out the words you want to define from the verse – (on the left hand side of the paper leaving some space in between them)
    • Search the Word List in the Concordance to find the Hebrew/Greek reference number for each word you wish to define. List the number beside the word and then search the Hebrew/Greek Dictionary to find the definitions of the words.    Write the definition(s) or synonyms on your paper.
  • Rewrite the verse using the definitions under the original verse.
  • Write out a Nugget (Takeaway) from that verse.
  • Pray and ask the Lord to continue to use this verse to speak to you throughout the day.

If you don’t finish the verse in one day, that’s fine.  You can work on it again tomorrow.  Don’t miss out by trying to hurry through.   There is no time limit, so take as many days as you want.

bible verse mapping, bible study,

Final Review

When you are finished studying the individual verses, take a day or two for a final review.  Review each of your daily studies and/or read the passage in a Commentary to see how that author interpreted those verses.

On the final day of your study, write a summary page of what the Lord has shared with you through this study or write a prayer to the Lord about applying these truths in your life.

If you would like to try this simple Bible Verse Mapping method but would rather use a worksheet for the Bible Verse Mapping, I have prepared one that you can print and use.  Just subscribe to our email newsletter list below to receive access to this free printable.

Or, order one of the Bible Verse Mapping Journals mentioned earlier in this post.

Please let me know in the comments if you try this Bible Verse Mapping or if you have another method that you use for Bible Study that you love.  I’d love to hear from you!

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  1. I just started reading my Bible from the Beginning this is a very good way to take notes, map out and plan my bible. Great post

    1. I hope this method works well for you. I know I have enjoyed it and feel like I get a lot of it studying the Bible this way.

  2. Thank you, Pam! Congrats on your new blog. This is a wonderful and informative post. I look forward to following you!

    1. Thank you for the positive feedback. I am excited about adding to my posts very soon.

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