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Bike Riding Benefits

As a child, we rode our bikes a lot. We lived in the country and could ride for miles, and that’s exactly what we did. We rode every chance we got.

Bike Riding Benefits

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After not biking for a long, long time, my husband and I started riding our bikes again a few weeks ago.  It is awesome! 

I much prefer bike riding over going to the gym.   It doesn’t take near as much time out of our day, yet we get a great workout.   Honestly, it’s my preferred way to get (almost) daily exercise.

I have found in previous years, that when I reach a point where the scale is not moving, but I still need to lose some weight, that bike riding is the best way to get that scale moving in the right direction.

How about you? Did you enjoy riding a bike as a child? I’m sure you know that riding a bike is a great exercise.

In fact, there are numerous benefits of bike riding.  Why not consider adding it to your exercise program? 

Whether you want to ride a bike just for fun, or for exercise, this bike riding benefits post was written with you in mind.

And, if you are looking for a gift for a cyclist you know or for yourself, be sure to check out this Ultimate List of Gifts for Cyclists.  

Bike Riding Benefits

Cycling is a wonderful exercise.  Here are several of the benefits:

  • Improves mental well-being (because it’s a physical activity)
  • Bike riding burns calories (the rule of thumb is that you lose 35 calories per mile ridden – this is just an estimate because the terrain and speed you are going also need to be factored in)
  • Builds muscle
  • It’s a low impact activity
  • Helps promote sleep (because it’s a physical activity)

As with any new physical activity, there are some tips that would be good to follow if you are just starting out with riding a bike (after a long time of not doing so – like for me – oh, 10 years or more).

If you are looking for a bike to get started with, this is a super nice bike that would be a good choice for a man or a woman.

Here’s a few tips for getting started

  1. Follow the rules of the road.  The same rules apply to bikes as to other vehicles.
  2. Apply sunscreen
  3. Wear sunglasses
  4. A bike helmet is a must
  5. Choose shoes that protect your feet (flip flops are not a good idea).
  6. Wear bright colored clothing.  If you’ll be riding at dusk or night-time, make sure it’s reflective too.
  7. Stay hydrated
  8. Take you cell phone (just in case you need to call someone).
  9. Find a cycling buddy.  It’s double the fun!

As with any other physical activity, don’t overdo it the first few rides.  Consider a short ride every other day and work up to a longer distance and/or a more difficult terrain.

If you’re interested in some more tips, here’s a great article with 101 cycling tips. 

Cycling is just one of the many options that we have for getting in some physical activity each day.  Try it and see if it’s something you’d like to add to your weekly habits.

Are you interested in getting started bike riding? Here’s a great list of supplies/equipment that you will need.

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