Book Review The Key House
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Book Review – The Noland Kids Adventure Series

Oh, the pure joy of sitting down to read a book like The Key House. It is Book #1 in The Noland Kids Adventure Series by Mike Curtis.

Book Review of The Key House
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I haven’t read a fiction book in quite a while, but I was invited to review the first book in this series for Middle School children. It was so enjoyable that I read it from beginning to end in less than 24 hours.

This book, The Key House, will get your child’s attention from page 1. It is filled with amazing adventure, page after page. Your child or teen will not want to put this book down.

The two Noland brothers are the main characters in this well-written adventure story. The family has moved into a new home that once belonged to their Great-Great Grandfather. What they are heard about him was wonderful, but the local people in the town had a different story to tell. As they find hidden passageways and rooms in their new home, the adventure is just beginning. Eventually, they will discover the truth about their new home and their Great-Great Grandfather.

Not only does The Key House, book #1 in the Noland Kids Adventure Series by Mike Curtis, weave a wonderful, adventure-filled story. It also includes the gospel in a way that can be understood by a middle-school child or teen. The story includes conversations about God’s love and His desire to help us in different situations.

I grew up reading the Bobbsey Twins and the Hardy Boys Mysteries. My children did the same. When my grandchildren get a bit older (the oldest one is 6 and he is already an avid reader), they will be introduced to the Noland Kids Adventure Series. They are going to love the Noland children and their adventures.

If I was giving this book a stars rating, I would go over and above 10 stars. It truly is that good!

Book Review The Key House

If you know a middle-schooler, go ahead and order The Key House for them today. There is no doubt that they will truly enjoy this outstanding page-turner.

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