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Change Your Habits for a Healthier You

Change Your Habits – 10 Changes in 10 Months to a Healthier You

What if you could make 1 simple lifestyle change for each of the next 10 months to become healthier?

You can. Making 10 Changes in the next 10 Months, could improve your health. It will require discipline, but I know you can do it.

10 changes for a healthier you, The best time to get healthier,healthier you, healthy habits,

We shared about the first 5 changes in an earlier post (read it here).

There are times in our lives that we get lazy and let bad habits creep in. That’s certainly where I’ve been for the past few years.

I developed this simple plan to help myself and others in the same boat. It’s a simple and doable plan. We can create some new habits during the next 10 months to live a healthier lifestyle.

These changes will be worth it!

We are focusing on only 1 change / habit each month. It typically takes 21 days for something to become a “habit” so this plan allows one month to develop each new habit. We need to let go of the bad habits and replace them with good habits.

Are you ready to change your habits?  Here are the final 5 changes. The best time to get healthier,healthier you, healthy habits,

Change 6 – Eat More Fruit

Eat 1 more fruit a day. If you’re already eating 1 a day, make it 2. If you’re not eating any fruit most days, try to eat just 1.


* Be Prepared – Buy fruit that you love (having fruit you don’t love sitting around won’t encourage you to eat it),  If you have a Farmer’s Market or Produce stand close by be sure to take advantage of in-season fruit. They have such great flavor.

* Some simple fruit options:   Banana, Grapes, Apple, Cantaloupe, Peach, cherries

* One word of warning: don’t buy too much fruit at one time. It can go bad quickly. This is one case where having less variety of options can be a good thing. We typically only have 2 fruits in our house at a time for this very reason.

Change 7 – Don’t eat late at night

Don’t eat after 8 PM.

Snacking after dinner is sometimes a big problem. That mindless eating can really pack on some pounds. I don’t know about you, but I love something sweet after dinner and if I don’t get it, then later in the evening I REALLY want something.  That’s just a bad habit and we can create a much better habit to replace it.


* Be Disciplined.  Set a goal of not eating after 8 P.M.   Try it for 2 nights, then 3, and onward.  You’ll feel really good as you meet your goal, night after night.

Change 8 – Drink a Smoothie

Make a smoothie for breakfast or an afternoon snack. Smoothies don’t have to be complex.  They can be very simple. You don’t have to have all kinds of special ingredients (although you certainly can if you want to make them super healthy).

• Start with a simple smoothie: 1 small banana – sliced, ½ scoop of vanilla protein powder, ½ cup of milk, ½ cup of water with crushed ice and a teaspoon of honey. Just put them all into a blender and blend for 30 – 60 seconds. This makes 1 serving, it’s healthy and it tastes really good.

Change 9 – Eat more vegetables

Eat 1 more serving of vegetables a day. If you eat only 1 serving of vegetables a day, why not make it 2? They are good for you and have many nutrients and vitamins that we don’t get out of other foods.

• Buy your favorite fresh vegetables when they are available. Some that pack super nutritional punch are broccoli and spinach. If your favorite vegetables aren’t in season, don’t hesitate to use the frozen ones. They are a great option.

• If you’re not crazy about some vegetables, try cooking them a different way. I was not a fan of asparagus until my husband grilled it for us. Now, I love asparagus (as long as it’s grilled).

• Another option is a glass of V-8. It’s not quite the same as a fresh vegetable, but it’s a good option.  It’s also an easy snack in the middle of the afternoon.

We’ve made it to the final habit. Here it is:

The best time to get healthier,healthier you, healthy habits,

Change 10 – Exercise

Do 10 minutes of a cardio/ strength training workout 3 days a week. I saved this one for last. Although it is something I used to do regularly, it will be difficult for me to build it back into my schedule.

I know, many people say do the hardest thing first, but I’ve chosen to include it at the end of the list.

This is your Change Your Habits Plan.

You may want to do it first, that’s totally up to you. Do them in any order that you want.

Journal Freebie Below

Don’t forget about the journaling that we discussed in the first post. Journaling can be a huge factor for some people when building a new habit.  Try it out and see how it works for you. There’s a free New Habits Journal page you can use in the free printables set offered at the end of this post.  Or, if you prefer, use the free Monthly Habit Tracker included in the set.  Whatever works for you is best.

Writing the habits down can be a powerful motivator for getting them done each day. If you want, use colors and doodles – make it fun!

The best time to get healthier,healthier you, healthy habits,

At the end of 10 months you’ll have built 10 new habits into your lifestyle. It will be so good for your health. You’ll be so glad you embarked on this journey!

The first 5 Changes post can be found here.

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10 Changes to Healthy You, free printables,

10 Changes to Healthy You, free printables,
The best time to get healthier,healthier you, healthy habits,
The best time to get healthier,healthier you, healthy habits,
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    1. Yes, that is often helpful. Trying to create too many new habits at one time is super difficult. Good luck with your efforts.

  1. Awesome post!!! I really enjoyed how specific you were about how many fruits to eat and how long you should work out. I feel you on the workout bit too, I never feel like working out, but you’re right. It’s important!

    1. Glad you enjoyed the posts. Usually it’s the “getting started” part of the workout that is difficult. Once you get going, then it’s the easy part.

    1. Yes, I agree smoothies are easy and tasty. The variety is endless.

  2. Great tips! I love the idea of making a smoothie for breakfast and afternoon snack! I also need to add excersice into my daily schedule. Thanks for sharing great tips!

    1. Smoothies are great and you can make them in so many different ways. Am glad you enjoyed the ideas.

  3. Really great tips especially for an online worker like me where it’s really easy to fall into bad habits

    1. Yes, I know what you mean. Bad habits are much easier to accidentally just happen.

  4. This is definitely gonna be included in my summer musts. Though snacking after 8 pm is really hard because of those until late night grilling though. lol

    1. Yes, in the winter the after 8 PM habit is much easier to follow. In the summertime we tend to eat later, so just show yourself grace, knowing that you’re not just snacking after 8, you are eating a nourishing and necessary meal.

  5. Great tips! I tend to eat 5x fruits a day and veggies for dinner. Sometimes I think I should eat less of them But I do need to embed more workout into my daily schedule.

    1. Sounds like you’re doing great. There are improvements we can make beyond these ideas, but it’s a nice and simple way to begin.

  6. I’m doing much better on the exercise and fruit/veggies, but I’m still a huge PM snacker. One improvement at a time, lol!

    1. Absolutely! One at a time is a big win. I’m glad you are doing good in some areas. PM snacking is a huge issue for me also, but we will get there.

  7. I could definitely use some healthier changes in my life! This is really good information, thank you!

    1. I’m glad that the post and ideas encouraged you.

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