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Do Essential Oils Work?

Essential Oils Skeptic, giftofsimple.com

I was a skeptic about Essential Oils. 

Do essential oils work? People often ask why I got started using Essential Oils.  I thought I would share the answer with all of you.

Does all the hype about the goodness of essential oils sound too good to be true?

You can’t use them like medicine, can you?

Can essential oils really help us?

I wanted to know the answer to all those questions and more. 

Over the course of two years, I had searched for answers to these questions and more.  Finally I decided to give Essential Oils a try.  Here’s my story:

My Essential Oil Story

I had all.the.doubts. 

But, do essential oils work? What if Essential Oils can truly help?

I needed to know if essential oils could help in my wellness journey. After over two decades of dealing with chronic sinusitis, I needed help.    It was time to try something different. 

If you keep doing…

You know the saying “if you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep getting the same results.”  Well, I wanted to experience different results.

Chronic Sinusitis was making me miserable.

My main goal was to get help with the chronic sinusitis that I’ve been dealing with for almost two decades now.  Through the years my Doctors had told me that there was nothing I could do other than use the nose sprays and take the medicines that they prescribed, or the over the counter medicines, to alleviate the symptoms when it was at its worst. 

All the Medicines

They assured me the nose sprays and the pills weren’t addictive, but they couldn’t tell me that they were actually good for me either.   If you are like me and read the potential side effects of some of our medicines, you know they can be downright scary.

Unfortunately, treating with these types of medicines meant that I was putting other things in my body that I didn’t really want there.  So, I used the nose spray and medicines as little as possible.  I spent a lot of days not feeling well, but I knew I could have been feeling worse.

Would a Move Provide Relief?

A couple of years ago we moved from Virginia to Florida.  I was optimistic that the sinusitis wouldn’t be as bad in the new state.  Wrong!  It was worse.  With the warmer climate, my chronic sinusitis acted up more than ever.

After two years with almost consistent sinusitis and sinus infections I was at my wit’s end.  I was tired of feeling bad or semi-bad almost all the time and I was tired of taking medicines.

Try Essential Oils, Giftofsimple.com

Time to Give Essential Oils a Try

So, I decided to give essential oils a try. 

I had done research on essential oils in the past.   Interestingly, I had studied them with the goal of removing toxic chemicals, etc. from our home – a simple and healthy lifestyle was my goal.   I knew from my research that they wouldn’t hurt me, but honestly, I just didn’t really believe they would help me.

So Many Questions

I was serious!  What was the goodness of the oils?  How should I use them?  Could they really help with my sinusitis issues? 

Sinusitis Help Through Respiratory Support

Through research I had already identified the three oils that were most likely to help support my respiratory system and thus give me some relief with my chronic sinusitis. 

Do Essential Oils Work? The Short Story

So do essential oils work? My answer is yes. We had great Success!  I added the use of lemon, lavender and peppermint oils to my new healthy lifestyle routine and realized immediate success.  I wanted to shout it from the rooftops!  After almost 20 years, I started feeling better.  My sinuses weren’t almost constantly blocked.  I could breathe easily, I wasn’t suffering from daily sinus headaches, and the nauseous feeling was nearly non-existent. 

The relief was almost immediate.  Within a week I felt like I had a new lease on life.  I didn’t have to feel sickly anymore, but I also didn’t have to take the medicines that were not good for my overall health.

Do Essential Oils Work? The Longer Story

Since I added the use of essential oils to my lifestyle, in addition to eating healthier and being more active, I have stopped using the nose sprays and the over-the-counter and prescription medicines. 

From the very first day that I started using the oils, which was close to a year ago, I have not used the nose spray or taken any medicine for my sinuses.  Nor have I needed to visit a doctor for a sinus infection.

Remember, I had already improved my eating habits and my exercise program.  For me, using essential oils was the missing link for my wellness. 

I am still on this wellness journey and loving the learning that goes along with this new lifestyle.

We are so pleased to know that the answer to the question: Do essential oils work is Yes!

No Longer a Skeptic

I am a believer!  God has provided us with natural ways of supporting our bodies.  These essential oils are a great addition to a healthy lifestyle. 

I am no longer an essential oil skeptic.  I have personally experienced the help that can be provided through the use of pure essential oils.

My simple healthy lifestyle includes essential oils, eating better and a simple exercise program. 

I’m so excited about these essential oils.   My motto for my blogging is  “If I know something that will help others, don’t keep it to myself – Share it!” 

So that is what I am doing today.   I hope that I have encouraged you to look into how Essential Oils could support your healthy lifestyle.

 It’s great fun to experiment and find different ways of using these oils.  I’ll be sharing some of them with you in the future.

I may have been a skeptic when I first started using essential oils, but I believe that part of living a simple life means using the gifts that God created for us in as natural a way as possible.  That certainly includes the oils derived from beautiful flowers, plants and trees. 

My original goal with essential oils was to remove as many toxins from our life, and our bodies, as possible.   I am starting on that journey as well, but for me, the experience has been so much more than I ever imagined. 

I am blessed to be able to use essential oils as a part of creating a healthier lifestyle for my family. 

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