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Fall in Love with God’s Word

Fall in Love with God’s Word is our first book review this year. Reading a book like, Fall in Love with God’s Word by Brittany Ann, is such a joy.

I am so thrilled to have been invited to be a member of the launch team for this book.

Fall in Love with God's Word Book and workbook

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Reading a book like, Fall in Love with God’s Word by Brittany Ann, is such a joy.

Fall in Love with God’s Word by Brittany Ann has just been released.

Have you ever read a book and while you are reading it thought “Oh, I wish so and so could read this book”? Well, that is how I felt from the very first chapter of this book.

I wanted to share this book with every woman I know – no matter what their season of life. Because, in all honesty, all of us find times in our life where spending time reading and studying our Bible just doesn’t get done. First we miss one day, then another, and before we know it a week has gone by, then a month, and so on.

Find time to read your Bible

Brittany does an excellent job of setting the stage for us. There are so many reasons that we simply don’t read our Bible. From busyness to uncertainty, they are covered in this book. Not only are they mentioned, but excellent tips on dealing with this difficulties are provided.

How long should you study the Bible?

That thought can overwhelm us, can’t it? Should we study the Bible for 5 minutes or for 55 minutes? How long is enough? Is there a right answer to this question. I love how this Fall in Love with God’s Word addresses this topic. It will leave you confident in your decision.

What is the best time to study the Bible?

Should you read your Bible in the morning or in the evening? Is there a right time? What does the Bible say about this? I won’t leave you hanging on this one. The reality is that God wants us to spend time in His Word. He is not concerned about what time of day we do it.

For me, in different seasons of my life, I have done them all. Mornings worked okay for awhile, but then I worked a job where lunchtime was ideal for my Bible study time. There was even a time when studying after dinner was perfect. In my current season, morning time is perfect.

Perhaps you are struggling with finding the time that will work best for you. Brittany makes some excellent recommendations in this book for identifying the best time for you in each season of your life.

How to study the Bible

This book is not an in-depth book to studying your Bible. However, it does share some ideas to get you started as you commit to regular Bible reading and study.

I have found that Bible Verse Mapping is an excellent method to use when studying your Bible. It is a simple and worthwhile method.

In another post I’ll share some additional recommendations for learning how to study your Bible.

Let God’s Word Change Your Life

This book is not just about finding time to read and study the Bible. I love that Brittany shares about many obstacles that may hinder us from spending time with God. She helps us identify what issues or obstacles are in our way and how to work through them.

What is Spiritual warfare?

Spiritual warfare is something we all need to be aware of. We need to know what it is, as well as what it may look like in our life. We also need to know how to address it. That topic is discussed in this book. Excellent tips are provided to help you overcome spiritual warfare.


You may wish to dig in a bit deeper to be sure you are benefitting from all of the ideas and insights in this book. Or, you may be like me, and really like writing down notes as you read.

If so, there is a companion workbook that you can purchase for the book. It is not at all necessary for the book. But just in case you like using workbooks I wanted to let you know of its availability.

I’ll be giving this book and the workbook combination as gifts. Yes! I really do love it that much!

No matter where you are in your walk with the Lord. No matter what your current commitment to reading and studying God’s Word is. You will find this a worthwhile read. Not only will it encourage you, but it will help you in identifying hindrances to your walk with the Lord.

This book with or without the workbook would make an excellent Women’s Small Group Study.


If you only read one book this year, make it Fall in Love with God’s Word. It will encourage you to read and study your Bible. And that, can change your life.

Please come back and comment on this post to let me know when you’ve read the book. I’d love to hear from you.

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