Gifts ofr Cyclists
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Best Gifts for Cyclists

Here’s a list of Gifts for Cyclists. If you are just beginning to ride a bike regularly or if you are looking for a gift for a cyclist friend, this list is just for you.

Gifts for Cyclists

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In this Best Gifts for Cyclists list, we’re going to start with the basic needs. They will be followed by some more must-haves and finally, some fun accessories that most cyclists would love. Plus, we have added a couple pet friendly ideas also.

What you need:

Some Basics




Water Bottle

It’s so important to stay hydrated while you are cycling. This stainless steel bottle is perfect!

Water Bottle Holder

You’ll need something to hold that water bottle. This is a wonderful lightweight holder.

Some Fun Things to Consider

Cellphone Holder

It’s a great idea to take your cellphone with you. You need to protect it. This cellphone holder bag has room for a few other things and yet still attaches to the handlebar.


These inexpensive and rechargeable lights are perfect for biking. They are so handy when you ride a little longer than expected and it begins to get dark.


This brass bell is so nice-looking and it has a loud, but nice tone. It’s a really nice way of letting walkers or other cyclists know that a bike is about to pass by.

Rear View Mirror

Although not always a must-have, depending on where you ride, it sure is nice to have a rear view mirror like this one.

Bicycle Repair Kit

Every cyclist would love to have a simple repair kit on hand just in case it is needed.

Handlebar Camera Mount

It’s a lot of fun to be able to video your biking trip. This reasonably priced camera mount makes it easy to take your video camera with you.

Bicycle Carrier Rack

Cyclists never know when they may need to carry something with them. This carrier rack will keep them prepared for when they need it.

Bike Lock

Depending on where you may be leaving your bike for a period of time, this could be a great accessory to have.

Apparel and Other Things You Wear

Bike Helmet

Safety is a priority when riding a bike – no matter the age. Children and adults need a good helmet. We love the look and fit of this bike helmet. Plus, it comes in a variety of colors.

Bright, Reflective Shirt

I love this cycling outfit. The shirts (there are a variety of options) are bright and the shorts are padded.

And, here’s a great shirt for a guy. It’s also available in a variety of colors.

Padded Bike Shorts

Trust me, every cyclist loves having padded bike shorts. It’s great to have an extra pair or two for when you want to ride several days in a row. This is a nice pair for women and men will love this one.


Having the right footwear is also important for cycling enthusiasts. This is a superb pair for women. Men will love this great pair of shoes.

A Couple of Bicycle Options


If you are just starting out on your bicycling journey, then you may be looking for a bike. If so, this is a great bike. Keep in mind that you’ll need the right type of bike for the surface you will be riding on. 

Stationary Bike

Just in case you are looking for a bike to be ridden indoors, here is a nice one. There are times of the year that riding outside simply isn’t possible, so it’s nice to have another option and keep your muscles ready for the outdoor cycling days..

Make Your Bike Pet Friendly

If you have a pet, you may want to bring him/her along on your ride. Here are some wonderful options for you.

If you have a smaller pet, this front carrier may be just what you need. Won’t it be fun having your dog or cat ride along with you?

Or, perhaps you’d rather have the additional stability of letting your pet ride in a small trailer with stroller wheels. You can also use this trailer to carry other items if you need to do so.

I hope this list of best gifts for cyclists has inspired you. If you’re thinking about getting started with cycling, be sure to read Benefits of Cycling for some encouragement and motivation.

Gifts for Cyclists
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