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God is Good

God is good.

O taste and see that the Lord is good: blessed is the man that trusteth in him. Psalm 34:8

God is good, giftofsimple.com

I remember it clearly.

We had driven all night long, on the spur of the moment, from Virginia to Florida to look at a house we wanted to buy.  On our way, we thought it was our dream house.  Both my husband and I, from the time we were children, had wanted to live in Florida.  But…when we arrived at that house at 10 in the morning it was everything but our dream house.  I can’t even begin to describe how bad this house was.  The pictures on the internet were taken in a way that hid the truth of the condition of the house.  We were willing to do a little work, but this house needed everything done. I really mean everything.  It was in terrible shape.

So there we were, we’d been up for over 28 hours.  We were 800 miles from home, and we had nothing to show for it.  We were chasing a dead-end dream.

But, God was good.  He kept us from deciding to buy the house, sight unseen.  That would have been a disaster.

This story doesn’t end there.

God had something else in mind for us that day.  Since we were in town, the realtor searched for a few more properties to take us to.  The next house was okay, but it wasn’t really what we wanted.  The next house was very nice, but it also wasn’t what we were looking for. The realtor took us to one last house for the day…

We walked inside, and my heart began to jump in my chest.  We walked through the house slowly, several times.  My husband eventually found me on the lanai in tears.  Tears of thankfulness to a Heavenly Father who is oh so good to us. Even though we don’t deserve His goodness.

Without a doubt this was the house for us.  This is the house that God sent us to Florida to see.  He just didn’t do it the way we had expected.  We had headed to Florida thinking that we knew the house we were going for, but God, in His goodness, had a plan and a better home for us.  God is good.

God is good, giftofsimple.com

God is good…all the time.

All the time. Have you ever added those three words when someone says God is good?  I know I have and I’ve heard many others do the same. Why do we say it?  Because we know it is true.

When I say them, I want them to come from my heart and not just be spoken words for others to hear.  It’s a good practice for us to think about the ways in which God is good to us, so that when we say those words, it will have a real meaning for us.

Psalm 34:8 reminds us that we can be aware of God’s goodness. We an see it in our lives.  All we need to do is look for His goodness and trust Him to give us all we need and so much more.

The word “taste” in this passage means to be aware of or to realize.  In the Bible “taste” is often used as a metaphor for “personal experience”.

How has God been good to you?

Can you think of personal experiences in your life where God has shown you His goodness?  Why not take a few moments right now to reflect on them and to thank Him for them.

We can taste and see that God is good to us. 

Let’s take the time to be aware of God’s goodness to us each and every day.  Let’s be sure to thank Him for His goodness.

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