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Not All Who Wander (Spiritually) Are Lost – Book Review

Have you ever wondered about other denominations?  How do they worship?  What are their routines?  And why do they do them?

I was raised Independent Fundamental Baptist.  As an adult in my mid 30’s I began attending a Southern Baptist Church.  Then in my 40’s when my location changed, I moved my membership to a Wesleyan Church (they called themselves a “Community” church, but all of the Pastors were Wesleyan).  Since then, we’ve moved again and have been members at an Independent Fundamental Baptist Church. 

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Book Review of Not All Who Wander (Spiritually) Are Lost by Traci Rhoades

We all know that there are other denominations, but oftentimes we don’t know much about their specific beliefs or about any formalities, etc. they may follow.  Traci Rhoades, the author of Not All Who Wander (Spiritually) are Lost, has been very curious about other denominations for many years.  In her book, she shares not only a lot of personal memories from her church experiences, but also many others’ stories as well.

I opened the book with hesitation as I was unsure what I would read.  I am not prone to controversy, nor do I like to “debate” things.  I was prepared to not like the book, but I had been invited to participate as a member of Traci’s book launch team.   I had promised to read it and was determined to keep my word. 

So Many Denominations

The great news is that I enjoyed the book thoroughly!  As a child, I had a friend who was Catholic, and that’s all I know about that denomination.  Now, as an adult, my next-door neighbor is Catholic and yet I still know little about her faith.  Just the other day she shared with me that she felt that the Catholic faith is misunderstood.

Throughout this book, as Traci shares her stories and those of others, I began to get a glimpse into a multitude of other denominations’ beliefs and experiences.  It was pleasantly mind opening and never was it too deep.

This book is not written in such a way as to question one’s beliefs or try to turn someone to another denomination.

Your Church Family

In fact, much of the book was really about the “body of believers” that make up the “church” and for those of us who attend church regularly, our “church family”.

A few months ago, many of us could say that we could not have considered not seeing our “church family” regularly.  Seeing them on Sundays and Wednesdays, being a part of each other’s lives, that was our norm.

But, over the past couple of months most of us, due to social distancing, have experienced just that.  It has been rather difficult for most of us. 

How has this experience been for each of you?  Has it been difficult to maintain that feeling of being part of a church family, or has that feeling been difficult to preserve.

Our experience has been fairly good due to the fact that we have church families from churches elsewhere.  For us, it has been wonderful to listen to our old Pastors online (facebook and You Tube).  We’ve also listened to a new Pastor from the church we had just begun visiting.

Not only that, we’ve participated in group Bible Studies with one of our old churches through the You Version app.  And, we’ve been able to Zoom with our Sunday School class from a third church.  That is how we’ve managed over the past couple of months to maintain Church Family. 

How about you?  How have you been able to maintain your church family relationships?  I’d love to hear your experience.

Learn a Little About other Denominations

If you are interested in reading just a bit about the experience of people in different denominations, this is an excellent book to check out.

Finding a New Church Family

For me, it was inspirational.  It encouraged me in our search for a new church and church family.  It has always been with the leading of the Holy Spirit that we have selected a new church in which we can serve and grow with a new church family.

Reading of Traci’s story of finding a new church home was inspirational.


The title of the book, Not All Who Wander (Spiritually) Are Lost sums up my takeaway from the book.  Just because you find yourself in a position, for whatever reason, that you are looking for a new church, does not mean that you are spiritually lost. 

Your relationship with the Lord is of the utmost importance.  Indeed, the Bible tells us that it is good for us to worship together, but that doesn’t mean that there won’t be times when we are in-between those church families.

We are on the move again and don’t know exactly what the next church we call home will be.  I am eager to begin to know our new “church family”.

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  1. Pam, I am just seeing this review of my book. I appreciate your kind words and liked the way you told some of your church story within the review. Thanks for your help on the launch team!

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