Praying for My Husband, Simple Prayer Journal,

Praying for My Husband

Praying for My Husband

Praying for My Husband

Today we’ll be creating a Praying for My Husband page for your Simple Prayer Journal.

So far, if you are following along in our Simple Prayer Journal process, you have created seven pages for your journal  I hope that you are getting comfortable with using them and that they are a help during your prayer time.

In the event that you are not married, but expect to be in the future, you could go ahead and prepare this page but change it to “Praying for My Future Husband”.  Although you may not be married yet, God knows the man you will eventually marry and what a blessing it will be for you to begin praying for him now.

And, of course, if you don’t plan on getting married then you can just skip this page in your Simple Prayer Journal.

Praying for My Husband page

Here’s an idea for your Praying for My Husband Page:

Create a starburst mind map. Put one circle in the center of the page (either write his name there or put a picture of him there and if you’re not married yet, just write “Future Spouse”).

Now draw lines out from that circle in all kinds of directions.  Make the lines different lengths.  Don’t add too many to begin with.  You can add as many as you want one by one.  I just don’t want you to make it too crowded as you start on the page.

starburst, Praying for My Husband, Simple Prayer Journal,

Write a topic that you want to pray about specifically for your husband on each line.  You could even add a Bible verse reference below it.  I’ve noted a few just to get you started.

Topics such as:

His Love for God

Wisdom from the Lord

His Spiritual Growth  2 Peter 3:18 

Protection from temptation   John 17:15

His Walk with the Lord




Are there specific issues that your husband faces regularly?

Be sure to add them to your Praying for My Husband page.  You can add as many lines out from your starburst as you need.  There are no rules.  As the Lord lays another issue on your heart, add it to your Praying for My Husband page.

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Other Resources

If you are interested in a book on printable created by Jennifer Flanders from Loving Life at Home.  I found it a few years ago and still have it in my Simple Prayer Journal.

This is the first time that I’ve mentioned adding other resources to your Simple Prayer Journal, so I’ll share a few ideas for doing this.

How to use other resources in your Simple Prayer Journal

I love finding other resources that help in my prayer time.  Our Simple Prayer Journal does not have to be made up of only pages that we created.  We can add other resources that inspire us or help us to focus on a specific area during our prayer time.

If it’s a printable, you could just print it and place it in your Simple Prayer Journal with the page you already created.

Or, you could just add a few of the prayer ideas to the page you already have.

As I mentioned before, there are a lot of resources online already with some type of guide for praying for our husbands.  I love seeing new ones.  Let me know if you have one already that you find helpful and encouraging.  It’s fun to find a new one and add some of the ideas to my Praying for My Husband page in my Simple Prayer Journal.

Our Next Page

In our next post for your Simple Prayer Journal, we’ll be creating a Thankfulness page.

Be sure to check out this Simple Prayer Journal page for a list of (and links to) all of the posts in this series.

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Praying for My Husband, Simple Prayer Journal,
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  1. Thank you for the encouragement and reminder to pray for our husbands.

    1. You are so welcome. Having this page in my Simple Prayer Journal is the reminder that I need every day. It’s amazing how commonsense things can be forgotten in our busy daily lives.

  2. So many have written about love today. There is no better way to love our husbands than to hold them up in prayer. Thank-you for this encouragement!

  3. I love this idea of a “starburst” to think of topics to pray for my husband. I’m really thankful to God for him! But this idea might make me dig in a little deeper and spend more thoughtful, meaningful time in prayer for him.

    1. I’m so glad that this idea has been an encouragement to you. May God bless your marriage.

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