Running Care Package,

Runner’s Care Package

One great way to show love or encouragement to others is by giving them a Care Package. Doesn’t it make us feel good when someone encourages us? It reminds us that someone else cares about the journey we are on.
Running Care Package,

If you live close it is fairly easy to create a Care Package or Care Basket you can hand deliver, but when you live farther away, a little more creativity is helpful.

There are so many different occasions when we can encourage others.

I like finding simple, yet meaningful ways, to encourage others. It’s fun to surprise someone with something simple that tells them that you care and that you want to support them.

Just over a year ago, we moved 12 hours away from family and friends. I feel so removed from their lives much of the time. Over the past several months, I have been trying to come up with ideas that help me to not feel so far away (at least in spirit).

Put Words into Action

Phone calls and texts are nice, but I love putting words into action – using something tangible to speak for me. Care Packages seem like a wonderful way to express care and support to others. So I am working on creating Care Packages for many different themes.

Recently my adult daughter decided to start a running program. I wanted to encourage her and show her some support, so I created a simple, fun and motivational Care Package that could easily be mailed to her.  Some items were intended to just be emailed to her every so often.

Benefits of running,


Include things that would be helpful to her – tips, motivational quotes, etc. – and encourage her along the way.

Be simple and inexpensive (because I’d like to do a lot of care packages). Plus my goal was to mail it for less than $6 (that is not easy).


Since I am not a runner, I did some online research to get some ideas.  Once I had a zillion ideas (thanks to Pinterest and Google), it was time to figure out exactly what would meet my guidelines (simple to create and/or inexpensive).

Running Tip,Running Care Package,

This is what was included in the Runner’s Care Package:

* A set of 10 “Benefits of Running” cards which I printed and tied together.

* A set of 10 “Running Tips” images with a plan to email one to her each week. (I got the tips from this site)

* Instant oatmeal packets (good to eat after a run)

* Starbursts (good to eat during a run)

* A package of tea bags (good for relaxing anytime)

* A chart to track her progress.

* A mesh bag with a note to put a $1 bill in it each time she completed a run, so that when she had reached her goal she would have some celebration money set aside AND I included the first $1!

* Personal note

Runners care package,

It was a lot of fun creating this Runner’s Care Package. It was a pleasant surprise for my daughter when she received it at the beginning of her running program.

I can’t wait to find another theme for my next Care Package.

Have you created a special themed Care Package for anyone? Or do you need ideas for a specific type of care package? If so, I’d love to hear from you in the comments section below.

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Running Care Package,


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