Simple Prayer Journal,

Have you ever wanted to Create a Simple Prayer Journal of your own?

I have used several different Prayer Journals throughout the years.  They are such an excellent tool for helping us stay focused during our prayer time.  It is so encouraging to look back through my journals and be reminded of different times in my life, and in other’s lives (that we prayed about together), and to see God’s answers to our prayers.

Several years ago, I started creating my own Prayer Journals.  I am in the process of updating mine and I’m going to be sharing the process, page by page, with you.

Are you interested in making a Simple Prayer Journal for yourself?  If so, won’t you join me.  We’ll do this together.

During the month, we’ll be:

  • Sharing ideas for many pages for your Prayer Journal
  • Sharing free Printables that you can use for your Prayer Journal
  • Sharing encouraging ideas for your prayer time
  • Sharing inspiration to help you stay focused during your prayer time

I’d love to hear from you along the way.  Please be sure to share your ideas in the comments section of the posts.


Cover Page and Index Page

Cover Page Ideas

Praise Page

Waiting on God Page

Repentance Page

Praying for My Husband Page

Thankfulness Page

Praying for Family

Praying for Others

Praying for Me

There’s not Enough Time to Pray for everything