Frugal Thanksgiving Decor,
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Simple Thanksgiving Decor

Simple and Frugal Thanksgiving Decor

Wouldn’t it be great if we could decorate for a holiday inexpensively?  And simply?  Yet still have the decorations be truly amazing and gorgeous?

Thanksgiving Decorating,

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Frugal Thanksgiving Decor can be done.

Trust me, I am not a decorator.  But, it does not come naturally to me.  Honestly, although I like to decorate a little bit, I hate the un-decorating part.  So I do as little seasonal and Holiday decorating as possible.

However, this year, we are having friends over to our house for Thanksgiving.  Several people just like us (that means they are far away from their families) are joining us for this special day.

Cooking for this day will be the easy part.  For me the hard part is the decorating.  I can’t invite people over for a Holiday dinner and not decorate for the Holiday, can I?

Shopping at Dollar Tree

That is where one of my favorite frugal stores come in.  I decided to see what Dollar Tree had to offer for my Thanksgiving decorating.  I am always amazed at the variety of items that they offer in their stores.  Their Holiday selections are always superb.  Plus I love just shopping at Dollar Tree’s online store and having the items shipped directly to me.

Thanksgiving decorating,

They did not disappoint.  My favorite find was these 3 metal words.  Beautiful!  And, yes, they were just a dollar.  Just like everything at Dollar Tree really is $1.  That’s why we have so much fun shopping there.

I was able to find orange and brown tablecloths along with a pack of 50 cloth-like maple leaves in fall colors.  Perfect!

To finish off my simple decorating I found some small ball decorations and some ribbon.  Their fall ribbon selection is excellent.

Thanksgiving Decorating,

I loved this “word” ribbon, plus they had some orange and green ribbon to go with it.

I weaved the ribbon into some of the balls and then tied some bows on the other balls.  I also had a basket already at home (remember I like frugal and simple) that I weaved the ribbon into.  I set a lot of the balls in the basket and a few on the table.

candles, Thanksgiving decorating,

To add just another touch, I found these orange, yellow and green candles that have a rope tied another it with a metal leaf hanging from it.    I chose two and put one on each side of my basket.

Dollar Tree never fails to have a great selection of flowers.  All I needed for this centerpiece was some berry-like strands in fall colors.  I found the perfect ones.

The bottom line

This simple decor and centerpiece cost less than $10.

Not only was it simple and inexpensive, but they can be used for decorating for the whole fall season.

Christmas Time is next

Plus, when December comes around, some of them can be used again to do a little frugal and simple Christmas decorating.  All I’ll need to do is add a few of the Christmas decorations that Dollar Tree has available online.  It will be super easy to decorate our table for a Christmas dinner.

Christmas flowers, frugal decorating,

Won’t those balls and the basket look great with red and green ribbons?  A few poinsettia flowers, some snowflakes and a red tablecloth, too?  Yes, I think I have a plan already.  They had a beautiful star I might have to add to that centerpiece.  I’ll try to remember to share a picture with you when December comes along.

Thanksgiving Decorating,

For now, I’m going to relax and enjoy our beautifully decorated Thanksgiving table.

Thanks to Dollar Tree and I know that creating simple and frugal Thanksgiving decor is possible.

I’d love to hear your ideas for simple and frugal decorating, so please be sure to share below.

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