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Spring Bucket List

It’s time to create a new Spring Bucket List.  This time of year is so beautiful and invigorating.

Have you ever created a Spring Bucket List to help you enjoy this time of the year?

Spring Bucket List, giftofsimple.com

I love all the green in the trees and grass and the colors of the flowers beginning to emerge and bloom. Just the smell of Spring is amazing. I wake each day refreshed and ready to enjoy the sunshine and warmth again.

When my children were young, we spent a lot of time outside. There were so many fun activities we could all enjoy.

As an adult, it is so easy to get lost in the busyness of all the things we have to do. Creating a Spring Bucket List is a good way to keep all those fun things in front of me so I’ll be sure to make time for them during the next couple of months.

The items on my list are simple ones (and inexpensive), but they sure bring a lot of enjoyment to my family.

Spring Bucket List, giftofsimple.com


I love marking the activities off the list as each one is done. Without the list, Springtime just seems to slip on by and many of those things I had hoped to do just don’t get done.

We are blessed to live in Florida, so I have already been tackling this oh-so-difficult (tongue in cheek) list with lots of energy. Even in Florida, the weather has been cooler than usual, so I feel like we truly had a winter here and the warm springtime weather is wonderful.

We’ve already made it to the beach to see a beautiful sunset.

We planted 3 tomato plants earlier this week. Two big boys and one early girl. Last year one of the big boy tomato plants was huge and produced a zillion (or so it seemed) tomatoes…we’ll see what happens this year.

Here there are yard sales almost year round, so we’ve already visited a few of those. Last weekend, I found a great deal – a Precious Moments Noah’s Ark music box snow globe. Eventually, I will give it to my granddaughter, but right now she is too young to enjoy it. Oh, and I should share the price – $1 – and yes, it works. That may prove to be my big treasure find of the year.

Spring Bucket List, Precious Moments, giftofsimple.com

I’ve also been able to mark the fishing off the list. We were able to go out the other day, but we didn’t catch anything which is unusual. Nevertheless, it was a beautiful day out on the water and we had a simple picnic lunch while docked at an island with a shell beach. Since we didn’t catch any fish, I didn’t mark it off the list yet. We’re just going to have to do that one again. Yeah!

Spring Bucket List, Boat and beach, giftofsimple.com

I’m excited about several of the other items on my list and can’t wait to get to them.

I hope that I’ve encouraged you to create your own Spring Bucket List and begin plucking away at enjoying some simple pleasures this Springtime.

What would you put on your Spring Bucket List. Will you share them in the comments section below?

Spring Bucket List, giftofsimple.com

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    1. I’m sure yours will look different than mine. Bucket lists are helpful to keep us on track to enjoy the seasons.

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