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Time to Pray

Time to Pray

Are you thinking “I don’t have that much time to pray”?

Time to Pray, Simple Prayer Journal, giftofsimple.com

Is it possible to find enough time to pray for everything we put in our Simple Prayer Journal every.single.day?

Well, let’s be realistic here.  The answer is “No, it is not possible.”

Most of us (this certainly includes me) just don’t have the time to pray about everything we would like to pray about every.single.day.  It would be great if we could, but that simply isn’t possible.

Don’t Give Up

If you’ve been following along with our posts and creating your very own Simple Prayer Journal, you may be beginning to feel a little overwhelmed.  Please don’t give up.  There is a simple solution.

Keep in mind that the true purpose for creating a Simple Prayer Journal is to help us keep our focus on the things that we really want to pray about.

Simple Prayer Journal purpose, giftofsimple.com

Review Your Pages

Let’s take a few minutes to think about what you want to typically include in your prayer time each day.  Here are the pages we have already created for our Simple Prayer Journal:


Waiting on God



My Husband

My Family


Perhaps some or all of these pages are ones that you will want to include in your prayer time each day.

I will post about some additional pages you may wish to consider adding to your Simple Prayer Journal in the future, but hopefully this is a good selection to get you started.

Put the Pages in Order

When I created my Simple Prayer Journal, I needed to have the pages that I wanted to pray about every day first in the binder.

If you’d like to do the same thing with your Simple Prayer Journal, then go ahead and place those pages near the front of your binder.  Put them right after the Index Page. Place them in the order that you would like to pray about them. The order is not a rule, it’s just an idea.

Update your Index Page

Remember when we started working on our Simple Prayer Journal that I suggested that you not put any numbers on the Index page.  The reasoning was that you may put yours in a different order than I do.

But, now that you have your pages in your desired order, you can update your Index page.  You can do this in different ways.  Here are two ideas:

  1. Put a page number on each of your pages and then list the heading and the page number on the index page.
  1. Use binder dividers and put the name of the page on the divider label. Then simply use the Index to list the Page Names in the order that you have them in your binder.

Remember there are no rules, so you don’t have to pray about them in that order.

Your Simple Prayer Journal is intended as a resource to help you focus on what you want to pray about.

Weekly “Prayer” Pages

During the next few months, I’ll be adding some future posts about additional pages you may wish to add to your Simple Prayer Journal.  I would anticipate that most of these will not be ones that you want to pray about every day, but perhaps once a week.

What I do with these “weekly” prayer pages, is assign them to a specific day of the week.  That is the day that I typically pray for them (i.e. My Missionary page – pray about that on Monday, my church leadership page – pray about that on Tuesday, etc.)

There’s So Much More

You can personalize your Simple Prayer Journal in so many different ways.  In some of my future posts, I’ll provide you with ideas for adding more pages.  I’ll also provide you with a list of resources and inspirational items for your Journal.

Because you have created every single page of your Simple Prayer Journal, it is personalized just for you.  Feel free to add embellishments that fit your personality

I hope that your Simple Prayer Journal will inspire you to spend time in prayer with our Heavenly Father.

Time to Pray, Simple Prayer Journal, giftofsimple.com

Are there any specific pages that you will be adding to your Simple Prayer Journal that haven’t been included thus far?  I’d love to hear from you.

If you haven’t been following along with these posts, please go to How to Create  A Simple Prayer Journal for links to all of the posts.

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