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Ways to Show Care

11 Simple and Frugal Ways to Show You Care

It is so nice to know someone cares. It makes us feel good. Today I’m sharing 11 simple and frugal ways to show others that we care.

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Just as we want to know others care about us, we want to let others know that we care about them. We care about what they are going through. It could be an illness, a recuperation, bereavement, a heartbreak, a sadness, just to name a few possible reasons we might want to show others that we care.

Some people just show care naturally. They have that natural instinct to know just what to say or do. Kind words flow easily and the actions seem effortless. I am not that person! I wish I was, but I am a strong introvert and I really have to work at this.

Some people have a lot of time available for showing care to others, or maybe they are just very well organized and prioritize caring for others into their time. That is awesome! Once again, that is not me, but I am working on it.

Oftentimes I think we get caught up with the idea that we need a lot of extra time to make a 2 hour visit, or we have to spend money (that maybe we don’t really have) to buy something to show we care.

That’s just not true. There are so many ways to show care that don’t involve a costly gift or a lot of time.

A 15 minute visit would mean a lot to most people. It doesn’t overwhelm our friend, yet it does say we were thinking about them and we wanted to spend some time with them.

There are so many ways to show care.

   Showing care doesn’t have to be difficult.

   Showing care doesn’t have to be expensive.

Here are some simple and inexpensive ways to show care to others:

No cost:

1. Call them. This is so simple and doesn’t cost a penny, but it would mean so much to that someone to know you care.

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Just for fun – these are hard to find

2. Text them. Perhaps not as personal as a call, but if this is your normal mode of communication with the person, then it is certainly a wonderful way to say you care.

3. Visit them. We have a friend who was recently in a rehabilitation center for a few weeks. We could tell that visits from her friends meant a great deal to her. You don’t have to take a gift. Your presence speaks volumes to your friend.

4. Take them a daily devotional book. Many churches provide these for free and would love for you to take one to your friend (and you can take one for yourself also).

devotional, show care, https://giftofsimple.com

5. Take them a book that you love – from your own bookshelf. As an avid reader, I have a bookshelf full of books that I loan out or give out regularly. One book that I love, I gave away three times – each time I gave a copy away, I got a new copy for myself only to give it away too. If your friend has similar reading tastes, you’ll know exactly what book she would enjoy.

Less than $2:

6. Send a Get well, Thinking of You or Praying for You card. The cards can be purchased for $1 or less at Current online, and then you just need to add postage.

Praying for you, get well, showing care, https://giftofsimple.com

7. Send a note card. Write a personal message on it. This will have special meaning for your friend.  I get all of my note cards at Current very inexpensively.

       Note:  Current is my favorite place to purchase cards and note cards. They have a fantastic selection and super                   prices. I’ve been buying items from Current for over 30 years. They are my go to place for cards and                           a lot of gift and home decor items also.  They have great sales with reduced shipping prices throughout                     the year.  Just like this one:

Current Ad, https://giftofsimple.com

8. Purchase a crossword puzzle or word search book and deliver it (these are readily available at Dollar Tree stores for $1.) People who are sick or recuperating would like something simple that they could do to occupy their mind. They get tired of TV very quickly.

       Note:  Did you know that you can purchase items from Dollar Tree in bulk online? Some items have a minimum                   number to be purchased. It’s a great way to get the items you want without going to the store. I love                           these jumbo crossword puzzle books. You can order 10 of them online and you’ll have a stock of them                       ready to give to friends when you need them.

Less than $5:

9.   Bake a batch of cookies and deliver them.

10. Purchase 2 or 3 helium filled balloons and a holder at a local Dollar Tree and take them to your friend.

11. Purchase a magazine for them that you know they would love and deliver it.

There are so many ways to show care to others. This is just a simple list to remind us that it doesn’t have to be hard and it doesn’t have to be costly.

All we need to do is to take a simple action to show others that we care about them.

Do you have other recommendations that you would add to this list? Or a great “showing care” experience to share. I’d love for you to share in the comments section below.

11 Simple Ways to Show Care, https://giftofsimple.com

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  1. I love these ideas! 🙂 I’ve been meaning to send some handwritten cards; it’s such a simple (and meaningful) way to show you care.

    1. Yes, people still love receiving cards with a personal message.

    1. I am so pleased that you enjoyed these ideas. It means so much when we know others care.

  2. tried to pin but it wouldn’t let me. these ideas are right up my alley. great post!

    1. Thanks. I will check out the pin issue. Glad you enjoyed the ideas.

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