Bible Verse Mapping Resources and Tools
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Where to Find Bible Verse Mapping Resources and Tools

Bible Verse Mapping does not have to be hard. It is up to each person exactly how they wish to pursue this Bible Study method. There are numerous online and print resources that can assist in our Bible Study. Many of these resources are free.

If you are looking for instructions for Bible Verse Mapping, you can find them in this How to Do Bible Verse Mapping post.

Bible Verse Mapping Resources and Tools

As a 10 year Bible Verse Mapping student I have found some resources that are very helpful. My favorites are included in the list of resources below. Additionally, I have included many other resources, both online and in print. Some are paid and others are free. The choice is yours. I pray that this list will be helpful and will encourage you to study your Bible regularly.

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Bible Verse Mapping Resources and Tools

This resource list is not just for Bible Verse Mapping. They are tools that be can used in any kind of Bible Study

As I find new resources, I will update this list, so be sure to bookmark this page and check back once in a while.

Bible Verse Mapping Journals

It is not necessary to purchase a specific journal or notebook in order to do Bible Verse Mapping. You can use a composition book like our children use for school. Or use plain printer paper. Or use a journal you already have on hand.

If you prefer to have a specific Bible Verse Mapping Journal, I have created a couple that can be purchased.

Here’s one in 8 1/2″ x 11″:

Bible Verse Mapping Journal

This one is 8″ x 10″.

Bible Verse Mapping Journal

And, this is my favorite 8″ x 10″ Bible Verse Mapping journal.

If you click on my name on either of those books, it will show you the other journals that I created for Bible Verse Mapping. Please note that they are extremely similar on the insides. I created several versions just so people can choose different covers for their journals.

Online Bible Verse Mapping Resources and Tools

Blue Letter Bible Blue Letter Bible is available for free and provides excellent tools for studying God’s Word through their free online reference library. The tools include a Lexicon (Hebrew and Greek words), encyclopedias, commentaries, maps and much more. with study tools that are grounded in the historical, conservative Christian faith.

Bible Hub This is a free site that features Greek and Hebrew study tools, including concordances, commentaries and dictionaries. They have an app that can be installed.

Bible Study Tools This is another free online site that includes commentaries, parallel Bibles, concordances, dictionaries, encyclopedias and lexicons. There is a paid PLUS version, but a lot of the information is available for free.

Bible Gateway This has been my go to site for a long time whenever I want to look up a Bible Verse. It is another free site. I can look up a passage in whatever version I wish on this site. It is super simple to use. I also use this site when I am studying a book or a chapter and I want to print it out. They even have the Bible on audio, so you can listen to the passage rather than read it. There is a Bible Gateway app available for your phone.

Print Bible Verse Mapping Resources

I have to begin with Bibles, because studying God’s Word is our goal. Here are a few of my favorite ones.

MacArthur Study Bible You can’t go wrong with this Study Bible. Pastor John MacArthur is a knowledgeable student of the Word and his commentary on the verses is an excellent tool as you study God’s Word.

ESV Study Bible I do not know if this is exactly the same as mine because I have had mine for a long time, but this appears to be the same. It has proven to be an excellent resource for my Bible Study time.

Scofield Study Bible This is such a great study Bible. It is one that some churches use to give to students as they graduated from High School. What a wonderful gift! I love to refer to this study Bible.

Bible Commentary I have had this Commentary for much longer than my ESV Study Bible. In fact, I cannot remember ever not having it. I was amazed that it is still available, but it is. It is a great go-to when you wish to read what a scholar of the Bible has to say about a passage that you are studying.

Concordance There are other concordances available, but this one has been my favorite for a long time. Since most of my work is done using the computer, I prefer to do most of my Bible Study with books rather than online (this helps me not get distracted by work tasks when I want to focus on my time with the Lord). This Concordance is one resource that I truly rely on.

Dictionary This is an expository dictionary of Old and New Testament words. If you like to use offline resources (print), then this is a great addition to your resource library.

Amplified Parallel Bible Having a parallel Bible can be a wonderful resource for Bible Study. I like to study with KJV and ESV and I don’t have a parallel Bible with those two versions together yet, so I continue to just use those two Bibles. However, if you prefer to study with other versions, there are some nice Parallel Bibles available. This one looks like a good one, so I am sharing it, just to help you get started.

Logos This is an excellent resource. I do not use it only because I tried it once and found that there would be a learning curve involved. Since I had other resources, I just didn’t take the time to learn how to use it. Perhaps I will in the future. Nevertheless, I know that it is an excellent resource and with a bit of effort you can learn how to use it. If you want to give it a try, their Basic package is free. They also offer paid packages.

Other Bible Study Tools

Bible Verse Mapping Instructions

Best Pens and Pencils for Bible Study

Encouragement to help you love to spend time in the Word

Do you have some Bible Study Resources that you love?

I hope this Bible Verse Mapping Resource list is helpful to you. If you have some other resources that you love, be sure to comment below so that we can share them with others.

Bible Verse Mapping Resources and Tools
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